ABOUT - Hotel Opal Kolhapur Specialty Kolhapuri Cuisine Tambada Pandhra Rassa

Restaurant timing
Morning 12.00 noon till 4.00 pm
Evening 7.30 pm till 11.00 pm
Reservations & bookings
+91 231 2536767, 2536969, 2537044
+91 9881146767, 8975212100
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About us
A walkway of simplicity

Good food to eat
Good place to stay

   At Opal,  we have completed 53 glorious years of hospitality. During our journey, the thing most fascinated us is love & affection by our  guests. We get reviews, feedbacks & inquiries from all over the  world.
   People love to stay at Hotel Opal as they stay at their  home. This is really a home away from home for most of our guests. What  they like is our hospitality. One of our guests who use to stay with Opal  since last 30 years explored more about his experiences with us. He  said, “I like your hospitality with simplicity”. And no wonder if we  select his expressions as our catch-line. Almost all our guests have a  similar feeling about Opal.
   Along with simplicity, Opal  is famous for one more specialty… specialty Kolhapuri cuisine.  People  have many reasons to visit Kolhapur. Eating out at Hotel Opal  is one of them. This you may experience when you walk in to our dining  hall. It is always full with people who love the most authentic  Kolhapuri cuisine. May it be veg or non veg.
   At Opal Hospitality Services Pvt. Ltd., it has been our constant endeavour to upgrade and develop OPAL; best suiting to modern day needs.

     Please visit archive photos; a walkway of 53 years.

We are proud to be member of
Kolhapur Hotel Malak Sangh (Kolhapur Hotelier's Association)

We are proud to be member of
Hotel and Restaurant Association - Western India (HRAI-WI)

"Happy to host you in Kolhapur since 1968"

We simply believe in serving our guests with the best of Kolhapur

Opal's USP
The largest dining hall in Kolhapur serving authentic Kolhapuri veg & non veg cuisine is our unique selling point.

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