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Morning 12.00 noon till 4.00 pm
Evening 7.30 pm till 11.00 pm
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Kolhapuri Cuisine

Opal's Specialty; Authentic Kolhapuri Mutton & Tambda Pandhara Rassa

We,  at Kolhapur , feel that it is a general misconception found elsewhere, that ‘Kolhapuri’ preparation means only hot and spicy food, which makes  the person sweat … even while eating it ! Actually ‘Kolhapuri’  symbolizes the style of preparation by using the specific type of local  masalas, which are very commonly used in the households here. These are  really tasty and only slightly hot, but not too hot as presumed  elsewhere. In its real way the Kolhapuri cuisine is full of mouth  watering delights. To name, Kolhapuri Mutton Sukka (Masala), Fry Mutton,  Mutton Lonche (Pickle), Tambada Rassa, Pandhara Rassa, Mutton Khima,  Fry Chicken, Chicken Green, Goli Pulaav, Misal Paav, Kat Vada, Zhunka  Bhakari with Kharda / Thecha, Bharali Wangi, Masala Wangi, Basundi, etc

Since  beginning, the Opal Dining Hall has been offering these Kolhapuri specialities, both Non Vegetarian and Vegetarian, in there real taste  and flavour all around the year. Having started with a small Dining Hall  for just 40 persons, now it has a new one and the renovated one with a  total seating of about 200 persons at a time. It is supplemented in the  evening by 40 more seats on the open air garden besides the hall. The  Beer Bar has a separate seating of 40 persons.

We can provide  food to the travellers and tourists moving out in large numbers even  without a prior notice. But it is recommended that the guests in larger  groups, give us a prior information, for better service and satisfaction.

We definitely feel proud to state that when on a  journey on the NH 4 Highway or passing via / nearby Kolhapur , many  people mend their ways and make it a point to visit Hotel Opal to have  the tasty food and to feel the taste lingering on their tongues for a  long time.

At Opal; we cater variety of delicious & authentic Kolhapuri dishes. People ask for Kolhapuri Tambda and Pandhara Rassa; which is Opal's specialty. The association of Opal & Kolhapuri cuisine goes way back in 1968 since Opal's inception.

Since then; people prioritily plan to visit Opal to taste these traditional dishes. We are happy to be a brand identity in variety of Kolhapuri cuisine.

Visit menu link : OPAL MENU

One more feather in the crown

Opal's authentic Kolhapuri dishes at a glance. © Copyrights reserved.
"Authentic Kolhapuri cuisine... since 1968"

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