Hotel Opal, Kolhapur - Hotel Opal Kolhapur Specialty Kolhapuri Cuisine Tambada Pandhra Rassa

Restaurant timing
Morning 12.00 noon till 4.00 pm
Evening 7.30 pm till 11.00 pm
Reservations & bookings
+91 231 2536767, 2536969, 2537044
+91 9881146767, 8975212100
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Authentic Kolhapuri Cuisine
OPAL's restaurant is been awarded
by Times Now Foodie Award for The Best Local Cuisine 2012
Serving you the most authentic Kolhapuri cuisine since last 56 years.
Proud to carry Kolhapur's tradition of hospitality & welcome.
We are equipped with EV charging facility.
Its not just serving guests. It's about being an eternal part of a glory.

Feel free to get in touch.
We will feel glad to help you.

Get connected with the glorious tradition of hospitality in Kolhapur

Welcome to Kolhapur, welcome to Hotel Opal
    December 5, 1968. Three friends started a venture in an upcoming hospitality industry in Kolhapur - Hotel Opal.
    Today after 56 years, it has become a brand with a speciality of Kolhapuri Tambda & Pandhra Rassa. People from all over India & the world come to Kolhapur to visit  Mahalaxmi Temple (Goddess Ambabai) & relish the authentic Kolhapuri Cuisine at Hotel Opal.
    Today, brand Opal has gained not only a strong brand loyalty but also a widespread world of mouth publicity for it's 'Hospitality with Simplicity'.
    Opal's cuisine is a natural choice not only for  Kolhapurians but also for people thronging from all over India & the  world to Kolhapur.
In 2012; Opal was awarded with the prestigious "TIMES NOW FOODIE AWARD" for the best local cuisine. This award is yet another feather in OPAL's crown, as well as a matter of pride for the all famous Kolhapuri Cuisine.
    We are always here to serve our guests with our specialty Kolhapuri cuisine & a tradition of "Hospitality with Simplicity".
Spacious rooms with modern amenities!
OPAL's new dining hall
The largest Dining Hall in Kolhapur serving authentic Kolhapuri Non Veg & Veg Food
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